Inspiring and innovative nursery

Van Roessel Vormbomen (Van Roessel Topiary Trees) grows trees which are implemented in gardens and public spaces. The majority of the customers are companies from the horticultural industry. Trees start being cultivated at an early age, thus creating top-quality reproductive material. The trees are transplanted frequently, and by doing so, optimal regrowth is guaranteed. Whether a meticulously pruned topiary tree or a multistemmed tree; each tree is a quality product.

  • Family business with over 45 years of experience
  • Specialized in full-grown topiary trees and featured trees
  • Delivery to companies in the horticultural industry
  • 18 hectares loamy sandy soil
  • Sustainable cultivation / eco-friendly cultivation

Founder Cees van Roessel started growing young trees back in 1973 in Berkel-Enschot, in the southern Dutch province Noord-Brabant. Back then, cultivation mainly consisted of the cutting, grafting and budding of a wide assortment young trees. In the 90’s he already started experimenting with topiary trees. Because of his fascination for shapes and varieties with an extraordinary shape and growth, the assortment has always been innovative. In the meantime, Cees has stepped down and passed the nursery on to his son Thijs. Together with an enthusiastic team, it is his objective to carry on Cees’ inspiration.

Sustainable cultivation and entrepreneurship are very important to us. We therefore take the following into account:

  • Stimulating a healthy soil, by using compost, organic fertilizer and planting tagetes.
  • Minimal use of insecticides by creating grass lanes.
  • Minimal use of plant protection products by selecting healthy varieties and using natural enemies.

Above summarization leads to an healthier natural balance of the soil. Below and above ground. Thus resulting in a richer flora and fauna, healthier trees and a nursery better matching its surroundings.

Each tree is a quality product