Growing trees that meet your wishes

Growing trees that meet your wishes

Growing trees that specifically meet the wishes for your garden or landscaping project, is our main challenge. A tree should not be considered just a plant. It can bring a pleasant atmosphere and peacefulness to its surroundings. Matching perfectly with personal preferences, architecture and surrounding areas. In this way, trees can be practical, serve as an eye catcher or blend in with their surroundings.

We closely follow current and future trends in landscaping architecture. We keep on searching for varieties and shapes that meet your wishes best. Architecture and nature are our main source of inspiration.

Trees start being planted and cultivated at an early age, and are then shaped in our nursery to our own perspective. A strict selection process enables us to cultivate the most beautiful and healthiest varieties into full-grown (topiary) trees.

A method resulting in a timeless concept and an inspiringand innovative assortment. This is our vision by which we distinguish ourselves within the higher segment of trees.

A nursery full of surprises